Middle Ages and Renaissance

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Middle Ages and Renaissance

By | June 2008
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The Similarities and Differences of Middle Ages and Renaissance The Middle ages is the period between 14th century to the 15th century which came before Renaissances. The population of the Middle ages decreased due to the Black death and other big diseases that spread throughout the world. Renaissance is a French word, which means “rebirth”, some historians considered it to the creation of modern history. Throughout the Middle Ages to the Renaissance Europe went though many changes from politics, religion, and art. Middle Ages was formed when Rome had fallen, there isn’t a specific date when Rome had fell there are many dates that scholars have used, they say it was around 400 AD. The Middle Ages was referred to also the Dark Ages. The Catholic Church was the only church in the Middle Ages. It was the major unifying of enlightening control. However, not many people were influenced by Christianity, such as the Vikings and Avars. There was only one religion recognized which was Christianity in the type of the only Catholic Church around. In the Dark Ages everyone believe that everything that was bad and horrible was done by God, just to show that he is mad or to show them that they were sinning, such as the Black Death people thought he was punishing everyone because they were sinning. The Church was rived by doctrinal dissensions. As the central government weakened, the Church and its bishops took over many government functions they administered justice and undertook public works. Bishops were essential to the Middle Ages because they were mostly the only group that could read and write. The Church stood as a government because it had its own laws, and bishops acted as the king. Everybody was subjected by the Church, from the day you were born until death; no matter who you were the Church controlled you. The Church had all the power and it controlled the economy which was based on agriculture and also politics. Arts in the Middle Ages were in the form of...

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