Middle Ages and Education

Topics: Middle Ages, Aristotle, Dark Ages Pages: 2 (634 words) Published: December 8, 2012
Anna Ellis
AP World History
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December. 18th 2009
The Church’s Effect on Education during the Middle Ages
The Middle Ages lasted from ************ encompassing a large portion of Europes History. This was a time of great darkness; in a sense of little to no economic improvement or technological innovation. As Europe proceeds past the fall of the Roman Empire and falls deeper into the dark ages, the church grows larger and rises to Power. The Middle Ages is a time where education is of little importance. The Church slowly begins to bring back the significance of education and begins to promote it throughout the church among the people. If it weren’t for the church during the Middle Ages, People would not have received an education. The church played a significant role in the spread of education through Monasteries/ Cathedral schools, important Religious figures, and Religious ideology. During the middle ages, monasteries were often the only source of education. Only the Monks and the Nuns would receive an education. This education was necessary to perform the work of God. They needed to be able to read and write, to follow what they have chosen to do for a living. Monks lives often revolved around a book known as the Book of Hours. This book was divided into hours which included hymns, prayers, along with more readings. This required a great amount of reading but shows that the monks got a good education, and in turn for reading they would receive salvation. It was in the 800’s when Charlemagne King of the Franks realized the importance of education throughout an empire. He declared that in every Cathedral and Monastery, a school was to be established where free education would be administered to all the young boys who were willing to learn. Monks would teach them to read and write Latin- the language of the church. Cathedrals also acted as schools for young men. These Cathedral Schools that were taught by Bishops became great learning...
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