Middle Adulthood

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Middle Adulthood

From National Public Radio, the “Family Matters” Series

As a reminder, the three Families are:

The Shamone-Gilmores
- The dad (the elder): Franklin Brunson (age 81)
- The daughter: Natasha Shamone-Gilmore (age 58)
- The son-in-law: Curtis (age 63)
- The grandson: Christopher (age 24)

The Hunter-Christians
-The mother (the elder): Ida Christian (age 89)
-The daughter: Geneva Hunter (age 66)
-The granddaughter: Yolanda (age 43)

The Martin-Hawkins
-The mother (the elder): AnnaBelle Bowers (age 87)
-The daughters: LaDonna Martin (daughter-in-law, age 40) and Kelley Hawkins (daughter, age 46) -LaDonna’s husband: David and their kids: Lauren (age 12) and Christopher (age 14) -Kelly’s husband: Scott

-The granddaughters (Kelly & Scott’s kids): Chelsea & Carley

Questions and Answers

1)Based on what you learned in the audio stories, how might being a caretaker for an elderly parent affect a middle-aged person’s self-acceptance, autonomy and environmental mastery?

Middle-age caring for an elderly parents is more acceptable in the developing countries where collectivism is more accepted than in developed countries, but this occurrence is happening in developed countries; middle-age people still have their self identity and acceptance in society increasing. The become very positive about taking care of their old rather than letting them go nursing homes. They are proud of taking care of their old ones from the audio about Family Matters.

The autonomy and independence of middle-aged person increased as they felt it is their obligations to take care of their olds as they believe their olds did took care of them when they were young. The middle aged people accepted this fact and stood with confidence which will be a bit lacking from majority of young people: one can see this from the granddaughter: Yolanda aged 43 that took care of her grandmother even though she has no job yet, but she did it in loving way. At this age...
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