Mid Term Break

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The two poems I am discussing are called Mid-Term Break and Blackberry-Picking by Seamus Heaney. The first poem, Mid-Term Break is about the persona’s grief about his younger brother who was tragically killed in a car accident. In this poem, the persona tells us about the environment and his feeling about the saddest incident that has happened in the family. The second poem, Blackberry-Picking is about the enjoyment of the persona picking blackberries during summer but at the end of the poem the persona expresses his frustration about the freshly blackberries that had rotted. Both of these poems are reflecting the poet views of life. Most of his poem is realistic and telling us about his experiences in his life. He did not look life is as a difficult and complex. He just takes life as the beautiful and memorable thing happened in his life. Writing a poem is the way for him to share to us that life is full of experiences. The two poems contain many similarities and differences. They both discuss the persona’s childhood experiences. In Mid- Term Break, the death of his younger brother actually happened. The persona, who is the poet himself, expressed his feelings about the incident that had happened in his family through poem. He tells us about the incident, environment, and the surrounding in his family during that incident. For the second poem, the poet tells us about his experience picking blackberries during the harvest season in summer while staying at his family farm back at his hometown, Mossbawn, Caunty Darry. His family will be busy picking the blackberries and the poet tells us all his feelings about his experiences about their activities. But, unfortunately the poet’s enjoyment in picking the ripened blackberries ended when all the fruits that they had picked rotted because of lack of facilities to maintain the freshness of the fruits. They also have similarities in alliteration. For example, in Mid-Term Break the element of alliteration...
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