Mid-life Crisis

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  • Published: October 14, 2013
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APSS 225 Human Behaviour and Social Environment

Presentation Topic 5

Mid-life Crisis

Submitted on:10th April, 2012

Wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity, graying / loss hair, can’t run fast or heavier than just a few years ago; osteoporosis, menopause, sexual dysfunction, anxiety, mood swing, discontent with life or the life style that may provided happiness for many years; boredom with things or want to do something completed different; question the meaning of life, and the validity of decisions clearly and easily made years before, confusion about who you are or where the life is going, if any of this sounds familiar, then welcome to the territory – Middle life.

Mid-life is something that happens at some point during our lives; usually at about age 40, give or take 20 years that both psychological as well as physiological changes take place. These ineluctable budge in reality are the unavoidable consequences of aging. Both male & female fertility declines with advancing age. Some people handle it well and others do not – Those do not handle it well may experience a MIDLIFE difference CRISIS.

Midlife Crisis is a natural process of aging or just a normal part of maturing. It seems to affect men & women differently. Apart from the physical changes, midlife crisis is essentially a problem of psycho-social adjustment as it can sometimes make men or women feel stressful, confused, doubtful, panic and resentful. In the succeeding paragraphs- more of the below details about the midlife crisis will be covered: 1)Definition

2)Daniel Shek’s Research
3)Common problems encountered in mid-life (Biological , Psychological , Social & family difficulties) 4)Difference between men & women
5)Contribution to future problem in late adulthood
6)Support & aid from society.

Theories on Midlife
Psychologist Elliot Jacques (1965) suggested that midlife, is a time when adults retrospectively analyze their lives, project future autonomy,...
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