Mid-autumn Festival

Topics: Mid-Autumn Festival, Mooncake, Chinese calendar Pages: 2 (486 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Mooncake Festival is usually celebrated by the Chinese in the August every year. The Mooncake Festival is also named as Mid-Autumn Festival as it is fall on the middle of autumn that is 15 of August. The Chinese had practiced this culture since 2300 years ago, and the festival consists of three fundamental meanings which are closely tied to one another, and they are gathering, thanksgiving and praying. Traditions and myths surrounding the festival are formed around these three meanings, although traditions have changed over time due to changes in technology, science, economy, culture, and religion. The Mooncake Festival is celebrated with many cultural or regional customs, such as performance of dragon and lion dances, which is mainly practiced in southern China and Vietnam. A notable part of celebrating the holiday is the carrying of brightly lit lanterns, lighting lanterns on towers, or floating sky lanterns. One tradition involving lanterns, dēng mí , is to write riddles on lanterns and have other people try to guess the answers. Besides that, making and sharing mooncakes is one of the hallmark traditions of this festival. In Chinese culture, a round shape symbolizes completeness and unity. Thus, the sharing of round mooncakes among family members signify the completeness and unity of families. In some areas of China, there is a tradition of making mooncakes during the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival. The senior person in that household would cut the mooncakes into pieces and distribute them to each family member, signifying family reunion. Other than that, some imperial dishes will be served on this occasion included nine-jointed lotus roots which symbolize peace, and watermelons cut in the shape of lotus petals which symbolize reunion. During the night, teacups were placed on stone tables in the garden, where the family would pour tea and chat waiting for the moment when the full moon's reflection appeared in the center of their cups. Into the early...
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