Microwave Essay

Topics: Mobile phone, Microwave oven, Radio Pages: 2 (410 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Nowadays, we can see in our surroundings that there are now so many improvements in our technology. We have vehicles, gadgets, and other technological products and discoveries that make life of mankind easier. But even if our society today enjoy the advancement and benefits of technology, there are also the bad and harmful effects of that technologies to us. When we talk about microwave, we can think that it is a great technology. Microwave is used in different kinds of fields, like in communication and others. It brought great advantages into the society and made great advancements. But unfortunately, microwave gadgets that we commonly use emits harmful radiation, which can destroy our body and can kill us. Examples of gadgets that emit radiation are primarily, cellphones, TVs, and other gadgets that uses microwave. The problem is that there is this harmful radiation. We need to find a solution to fix this problem about microwave radiation and help to make our world free from harm with this elements. Exposure to microwave radiation is very hazardous. Some internet sites talks about the danger of a cell tower radiation. A prankster climbed up a cell tower on Mount Seymour and put a chair in front of the dish the paper reported that this person is now sterile. Well, that was really ridiculous action to climb up a tower. As a future electronic engineer, as for me, we should make some more improvements to our devices that would be a measure to our own safety. Every devices that uses microwave technology should be regulated also, and it should be using some kind of an anti-radiation feature. Though it is a simple recommendation but I think it will be a great help to reduce the harmful effect to radiation to our body. Also, we should have some seminars so that anyone will be oriented on how terrible the effects of microwave radiation to us.

Highest Radiation Emitting Gadgets Among the most common emitters of radiation are cellphones. A cellphone’s SAR, or Specific...
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