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The Microsoft Word’s support website can be of great tool of resource to me in both my professional and academic life. Microsoft continually adds updates and refines their software to aid the user in everyday usage. The Microsoft Word’s product site can help the beginner user find out how to start a new document to even the advanced user on how to change the default settings around and have complete unassisted control over the word processing program.

The support site that Microsoft offers would help me professionally in changing between documents. I found the entry on how to customize the list of recently used files (Microsoft, 2010) very useful. Using Microsoft word on a daily basis in my career field, I prepare reports that I have pre-filled out that I just have to edit some entry’s and save with that current day’s date. Switching from document to document is easy in the drop down menu, with complete customization from deciding how many documents I want to be able to retrieve quickly from that list, to clearing the list of files I have on that list. Then with all the document I use, another great feature is, I do not have to worry about bumping a file off the list, for there is an option to pin it to the list!

In my academic life, I worry about typing a paper for a project and forgetting to save it while I am typing away. Losing power or a computer crash due to running multiple programs at once for researching information causing system instability would lose all that progress made! While reading the web article automatically save and recover office files. (Microsoft, 2010) This would be great feature to use whilst typing those long papers. Using the recover and save feature can aid when the power goes out and forgot to save for the last hour of typing. You will lose some work, but not all. You can customize the timeframe when Microsoft Word auto saves your progress. I definitely will use that feature!

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