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Getting started with Microsoft Word might sound like a challenge when an individual is not familiar with computers and its programs but having an online guide where you can follow techniques step by step makes it easier for anyone. I consider Microsoft Word to be a great source to complete your professional and academicals duties. There are so many features such as charts, headers, footers, page numbering, file management, tables, insert pictures and clip arts and much more that facilitates the working process.

I use Microsoft Word in my daily routine, sometimes for work and also to complete college assignments, It gives documents a better presentation and at the same time that gives you the freedom to manage them the way you want it to be presented before you printing them out. Having features such as “grammar, spelling check” has helped me improve my writing skills and makes it easier for me to write documents faster without having to stop and waste time with constant revisions. The amount of time taken to write a paper is much speedier because normal human errors on writing are minimized.

The Microsoft Word web site provides an easier way to edit and change formats that I am not familiar with; here I can find where Microsoft Word program has them located. I can get information from how to switch languages for proofreading which I use sometimes at work when I need to make any documents in Spanish for the majority of our customers. Having to make numerous papers everyday can also turn into a headache at the time of finding one with the Microsoft site you can find help on how to manage files. Also, creating folder is one of the best ways to keep everything wherever you need it. At the same time I usually create folders to distinguish which files are from work, personal or college without having to spend extra time looking for it. Microsoft Word Site is very convenient for any body at any level of computing knowledge.

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