Microsoft Windows and Chief Executive Officer

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1) Name the top 5 famous Technopreneur, and describe briefly what are their success areas?

Bill Gates

Bill gates is best known as one of the most successful investor and contractor of all times. He has made the biggest revolution in the computer technologies. He is born in Seattle, Washington in the year of 1955. He is interest in mathematics and science when he was in high school. After he graduated, he continue study in Harvest University, where he started a project call BASIC. The BASIC is simply the basis of the first microcomputer. He is also the founder of Microsoft the most popular computer and software company in the world. His greatest success with Microsoft is the operating system MS-DOS. He also against those plagiarism and software piracy which is totally unknown in that age. Today, he is the richest person in the world with holding $53 billion dollars.

Larry Ellison

In 1977, after Ellison quitting the University of Chichago. He decided to form a software development laboratories (SDL) company with the silicon valley-based software engineers. Ellison and his partner won the two year contract to build the relational database management system for the CIA. The project code name is called Oracle. In 1980, IBM adopted the oracle for its mainframe system, and oracle’s sale is double every year for the next seven years. Larry Ellison is the chief executive officer of Oracle. Oracle is the world’s 109th biggest corporation. It is also the top fifty in the world in term of profit and market value.

Ganesh Kumar Bangah

He is one of the Malaysia most successful technopreneurs. He is the cofounder and group chief executive officer of global online payment service provider which is MOL Acess Portal Sdn Bhd. MOL is one of the biggest online payment service provider in Asia. MOL annual revenue is RM 460million while it have 600,000 physical payment channel which at 75 different countries and 5,000,000 transcation a month. Ganesh is certified by...
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