Microsoft Vdi

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Microsoft VDI

Technical Proposal

CYQUENT Ref: DXB-ATG-12004-SOW 5/20/2012
Prepared for Al Tayer Group
Prepared by Lakmal Perera

* Contents
2Section 1 – Solution Overview4
2.1Areas within Scope4
2.2Areas Out of Scope4
2.3Summarized Bill of Materials5
2.3.1Server and Software5
3CYQUENT Profile6
3.1Our Vision6
3.2Our Mission6
3.3About Us6
3.4Cyquent Competency Levels6
3.5Core Offerings7
3.6Project Organization and Staffing7
4Implementation, Project Approach, Timeline and Service Deliverables8
4.1Project Approach8
4.1.1Microsoft Solutions Framework8
4.1.2The IT Service Lifecycle9
4.1.3The Lifecycle Phases9
4.2.1Key Service Deliverables and Acceptance Process10
4.3Service Deliverable Acceptance Process10
4.4Project Completion11
5General Customer Responsibilities and Project Assumptions12
5.1General Customer Responsibilities12
5.2Project Assumptions12

The Statement of Work (SOW) and any exhibits, appendices, schedules and attachments describe the technical scope of work of project only. This SOW represents the complete baseline for scope, services, service deliverables, and acceptance applicable to this project. All changes to this document will be managed in accordance with the Change Management Process defined below. The Al Tayer Group IT has requested CYQUENT Technology Consultants to help them design and implement the following initiatives: * Microsoft VDI High Availability :

* Installation of Remote Desktop Connection Broker * Installation of Remote Desktop Session Host
* Installation of Remote Desktop Virtualization Host * System Center Virtual Machine Manager

CYQUENT Technology Consultants hereby indicate full interest in engaging with ATG on the said project and this Statement of work provides all details to that effect. Proposal Highlights
I. Detailed Statement of Project Scope - Areas in Scope and Out of Scope II. Project Methodology:
a. Cyquent Consultants will follow Microsoft Solutions Framework and ITIL methodology to implement a project. The implementation methodology is broken into five high level phases. The phases are designed to be run in sequence as the outputs from one phase are required inputs into the next phase. i. Envision

ii. Plan
iii. Design
iv. Deploy
v. Manage
III. Project Timeline: The Project is estimated to take 1 Calendar Month days of duration.

IV. Bill of Materials: Listing of Hardware & Software required to successfully complete the project based on details provided by ATG IT Team V. Cyquent Experience: Cyquent has successfully delivered many Microsoft Infrastructure Projects in different organizations; therefore Cyquent consultants are familiar with the intricacies involved in the successful deployment of Microsoft technologies. By choosing Cyquent, Al Tayer Group will be mitigating the risks involved in undertaking such a Project because of Cyquent best design practices and knowledge base drawn from our earlier engagements.

Section 1 – Solution Overview
Areas within Scope
1. Envisioning
2.1. Planning / Design Workshop for fine tune approach and discuss risk areas for ATG. 2. Planning
3.2. Update / fine tune project plan
3.3. Develop Design & Build Documentation for Solution 3.4. Review and Acceptance.
3. Stabilization
4.5. Update / fine tune project plan
4.6. Verify hardware, software and network infrastructure pre-requisites in place and operational 4.7. Update go-to-production plan
4. Deployment
5.8. Microsoft VDI
5.9.1. Installation of Remote Desktop Connection Broker...
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