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Topics: Desktop publishing, Graphic design, Publishing Pages: 5 (875 words) Published: March 28, 2011
Miscrosoft Publisher Assignment
(Produce Desktop Published Documents BSBITU309A)

1Briefly describe the differences between desktop publishing software and word processing software.

A desktop publishing software is much more versatile than a word processing software; in addition by typing documents, the user can specify the layout in great detail, use multiple input files, have comprehensive typographic control, insert pictures & preview the appearance of the printed document on the screen.The distinction between word processing and desktop publishing has become blurred. Most word processing programs can produce elegantly typeset documents. The difference is that desktop publishing programs put more emphasis on graphic design and facilities for handling more complex works.

(All Business by D&B Company; Business Glossary. [WWW] ; 25/08/09)

2List four (4) different publications which could be created in a business environment, using a desktop publishing software package.

(i)Business cards

(Produce Desktop Publisher Documents (Publisher); Course Code: BSBITU309A by Trison Business College, p.7: Desktop Publishing)

3Define the following desktop publishing terms:

gutter:space between facing pages/ space between columns
sans serif:typeface without serifs
kerning: the adjustment of the space between characters

(Produce Desktop Publisher Documents (Publisher); Course Code: BSBITU309A by Trison Business College, p.10-11: Terminology)

4Describe the difference between cropping and resizing graphics.

The basic difference between cropping & resizing is changing the content of the graphic versus changing of the size of the graphics. Cropping means to remove the portions of the picture that isn’t relevant. Resizing simply making the graphics bigger/ smaller than its original size.

(Powerpoint 2007 Graphics & Animation made Easy by Sally Slack, Michelle Zavala; [WWW] ; 25/08/09)

5What are two advantages of using layout guides?

(i)to organize text, pictures & other objects into columns & rows so that the publication wll have an ordered, consistent look.

(Microsoft Publisher Online; About Layout Guides & Ruler Guides. [WWW] ; 25/08/09)

(ii)the layout guides will not be printed and the feature can be turned off or on.

(Produce Desktop Publisher Documents (Publisher); Course Code: BSBITU309A by Trison Business College, p.19: Layout Guides)

6List at least three (3) design principles which should be followed to help create a usable publication.

(i)Design should be purposeful:
* Value: The system should provide necessary utilities and address the real needs of users.

* Relevance: The information and functions provided to the user should be relevant to the user's task and context.

(ii)Design should organise:
* Consistency and standards: Follow appropriate standards/conventions for the platform and the suite of products. Within an application (or a suite of applications), make sure that actions, terminology, and commands are used consistently.

* Real-world conventions: Use commonly understood concepts, terms and metaphors, follow real-world conventions (when appropriate), and present information in a natural and logical order.

(iii)Design should be simplify:
* Simplicity: Reduce clutter and eliminate any unnecessary or irrelevant elements.

* Visibility: Keep the most commonly used options for a task visible (and the other options easily accessible). * Self-evidency: Design a system to be usable without instruction by the appropriate target user of the system: if appropriate, by a member of the general public or by a user who has the appropriate subject-matter knowledge but no prior...
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