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Microsoft Project is a wonderful project management software, which offers a vast array of benefits and capabilities for someone managing a project, large or small. The key to maximizing the using any software program is to ensure training is provided on its uses.

There are a number of capabilities within a software program like Microsoft Project. One of them is that it provides tools to calculate the budget and control costs. It has the ability to calculate standard hours, overtime hours, and one-time rates. This goes for individuals, materials, rental fees, etc. Another capability of Microsoft Project is that it has the ability to handle several projects simultaneously. Within the program, you can link several projects together, and you can share resources across projects without having to re-input all the information. This program also allows you to schedule and track the progress of the project, making updates to the timelines and resources if necessary.

Microsoft Project provides many ways to make the project management process more efficient. One of the ways that it does this is through the graphics it has available. Gantt charts, network diagrams, along with many other options based on specific data. This would be a very time consuming task if it had to be done manually, and then updated each time there was a change to the project. Another efficiency provided by Microsoft Project is the ability to manage resources. By being able to manage the resources through here, you are able to easily see if the resources are over allocated and make the appropriate changes well in advance. If this was not able to be done, you may not know until it was too late that you were short on resources. The ability to generate reports is also a time-saver when managing a project. Rather than having to manually compile all the information from written form or other media, you are able to generate reports from Microsoft Project with a few button clicks, for a...
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