Microsoft Office and Ticket Prices

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The purpose of this assignment it to have Excel calculate the requirements automatically through formulas and/or functions. You need to enter as much of the above information as you can in an Excel spreadsheet and create formulas and/or functions that will automatically calculate the results.

*Be resourceful. Use the textbook if you need help and you can also research the web for ideas.
*Try your best. This is not a math course and we will not answer math related questions. You may, within reason, add your own assumptions and make small changes to some of the variables to make it easier for you to work with. We are interested in your ability to create a logical spreadsheet and use formulas and/or functions to have Excel calculate the requirements.

1. Create a spreadsheet as stated above comparing the 3 selected sites. Use formulas to have Excel calculate the profits for all 3 ticket prices and the number of spectators required to Break-Even for the most profitable location as calculated by Excel.

2. Create a graph of your spreadsheet comparing the profits for the 3 selected ticket prices.
3. Write a Word document (1 to 2 pages) “selling” your new solution. You can explain what problems could arise with the “old” manual way of calculating the above, give a brief explanation of your solution and why it is a good solution, and explain the benefits of an automated solution for automatically calculating the needed results.

4. Create a short PowerPoint presentation (5 to 6 slides) summarizing your Word document in point form.

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