Microsoft Office and Open Slide Master

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Microsoft PowerPoint Project
Date: 27 October 2012
Overview: In this project, you are going to create PowerPoint slides from a Word outline document. You will also need to apply a design theme and modify the slide master. Different kinds of objects will be inserted into PowerPoint. Your final document should be similar to this one (pdf. file).

Note: save your file before you show the video; after you play the video, do not save the file. Tutorial: Read the following two articles before you start your project. * *

* The MS Word file contains the outlines of slides.

* Copy the contents of the word file into a PowerPoint, close the Word document, and save the PowerPoint document as cookies.pptx. * Apply "Title Slide" layout to slide #1, #3, and #7.
* Select one of your favorite design themes and apply to the slides. * Make sure page numbers appear in all slides.
* Open Slide Master and insert a clip art or picture of cookies into all different layouts. Adjust the size and position of the text box so that it won't overlap with the picture. * Close slide Master.

* Open the Excel file and copy both the data table and chart and paste them into slide # 4. Remember not to paste them as links.

* On slide # 8, insert the following video: Remember, this is not a simple link. It must be embedded into the slides. * Open Slide Master again and insert this online digital clock ( into every slides. Adjust the size and the position of the clock so that it will not overlap with other text or objects. Remember: (1) this is not a simple html link, it must be embedded into the slides; (2) Do not download this clock to your local computer...
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