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This session is targeted at those who wish to learn the new key features of MS Word 2007. It will cover use of the ribbon, adding tools to the Quick Access Toolbar and using live preview before making selections.

By the time you have completed this session you should be able to:

1. Work with the new ribbon in Word 2007
2. Add tools to the Quick Access Toolbar
3. Use the Office Button
4. Use Live Preview and make selection
5. Create, save and format a document
6. Indent paragraphs and change line spacing
7. Create bullet and number list
8. Change format of bullets and number list
9. Apply borders and shading to paragraphs
10. Add a header or footer and page numbers to documents
11. Select tools from the Mini Toolbar
12. Work with Super tool tips
13. Use Launchers to display dialog boxes
14. Create and modify tables
15. Add and remove items from the Status Bar
16. Select Word Options
17. Understand the new file formats
18. Use the Compatibility Checker
19. Understand and apply the different security features
Documents needed for practical are contained within the EssentialsInWord folder on the desktop or download from Click on the Training Materials link (under Useful Information), scroll down to Microsoft Office 2007. Click on the Zip files for Word and download either to desktop or H drive. Right click on the zip file and select Extract All (or unzip to here) This practical should take you approximately 2 hours to complete

Microsoft Word’s 2007 Ribbon
When Word 2007 is first opened, a new blank document is automatically created. The ribbon displayed across the top of the screen replaces the old toolbars and menus. The ribbon is divided into eight tabs (if Developer tab is shown), plus an additional tab if add-ins are being used. The number of items shown in the ribbon will vary depending on the size and resolution of the monitor. For example, figure 1 below shows four heading styles on the ribbon, whereas a larger monitor with a higher screen resolution would display six or more heading styles. By clicking on the downward arrow to the right of the styles, the full range of styles will be displayed. By selecting the tabs across the top of the ribbon, i.e. Insert, Page Layout, References, Mailings, Review and View, a different section of the ribbon will be displayed. Notice that the Home ribbon/tab contains many of the tools previously displayed on the Standard and Formatting toolbars. Figure [ 1 ]: The Ribbon (Home Position)

To hide the ribbon, (which will allow more room on the screen) double click one of the tabs across the top. To access a tool from the collapsed ribbon, click once on the tab to expand the ribbon and select the tool. To bring the ribbon back, double click on a tab or use the keyboard option Ctrl+F1. Note that when the ribbon is collapsed it is possible to use the Alt key on the keyboard to show the shortcut keys. For example Alt+N will access the Insert tab. See . Figure [ 2 ]: Short Cut Keys for Ribbon

Across the top of the ribbon (or just below it), at the left hand side of the Title Bar, you will notice the Quick Access Toolbar (see figure 3). To add tools from the ribbon to the toolbar, right click on the tool and select Add to Quick Access Toolbar. Note: tools on the Quick Access Toolbar are saved to the computer, therefore if you use a different computer, you will not be able to access tools saved earlier. Figure [ 3 ]: Quick Access Toolbar

Many of the tools contained in the earlier Edit menu, can now be accessed from the Office Button
See figure 4 for list.
Note that if the current document is saved on a SharePoint server, there will also be a Server Tasks button, between Publish and close. 1. -------------------------------------------------
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