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Microsoft Access; History, Flaws, and Uses in Business
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Microsoft Access is a database system. Its uses include storing, searching, saving, and linking all sorts of information. It can be used in any type of business either as its own program, or in assistance for a bigger program or bigger business. Like anything, it has its flaws, such as limited capacity, and inferiority to premiere database programs. Access is a program where for a personal user, the sky is the limit, and one shouldn’t be scared of the many things it can do.

Microsoft Access; History, Flaws, and Uses in Business
Microsoft Office Access is a relationship database management system by Microsoft that combines the Microsoft jet database management with graphical user interface and software development tools. It is a common used program in many businesses all around the country. It is a place to manage, store, link, and search for information. It is an easy way for members of a business to sort through hundreds of records. Its history goes as far back as 1982 and is now a member of the Microsoft Office Suite. It is argued by some that Access is not viable enough for bigger corporations, but more for the small and medium business owners. Although the program does have some flaws, Its uses in business overall outweigh the cons. Indeed Microsoft access is a complex program, but that’s because it does complex things.

Microsoft Access dates back as far as the early 1980’s. In early development it was referred to as “Project Omega”. This Microsoft’s first attempt to sell a database product. As America entered the 1980’s, computers began to emerge and business started to electronically store their data. It was a very resource demanding application though, and worked slow on the then available processors. After scraping the Omega project, a new project emerged called the “Cirrus Project”. They wanted to create a...
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