Microsoft; Free Open Source Software (Foss)

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Microsoft & Free Open Source Software (FOSS)|

In 2006, Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) was facing some dire consequences for allegedly violating 235 of Microsoft’s patents. Since then FOSS has done moderately well overall. Free software has become a well-liked alternative for many businesses as opposed to proprietary software. This is true, not just here in the USA but all over the world.

In 2010, Global Graphics, a free software provider, took a survey from 400 Chief Information Officers (CIO’s) of organizations from the USA and United Kingdom that had over 1000 employees. They found that eighty-four percent of these large organizations use as least six pieces of free software in their business. Furthermore, they found that eighty-one percent of the CIO’s said that the organizations budgets are increasing the demand for free software due to software licensing costs on proprietary software


In the midst of all the cost-cutting measures that companies are taking right now I can only speculate to say that Free and Open Source Software will continue to increase in popularity. The agreements that Microsoft entered into with Novell back in 2006 have to some extent helped both Free and Open Source Software and Microsoft Corporation. As a matter of fact, Microsoft Corporation and SUSE announced in July of this year they are renewing the interoperability agreement for another 4 years.

Microsoft and FOSS have both made steps forward in functioning together and trying to provide their customers what they want. Microsoft is more interested in helping open source software now and promoting improved interoperability among the industry. However, the patent laws still have not changed over the years which is allowing for corporations to continue to prosecute over software patents.

[ 1 ]. Anh Nguyen, “Microsoft and SUSE Renew Successful Interoperability...
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