Topics: China proper, Law, Want Pages: 2 (747 words) Published: January 5, 2013
Final Examination——Microsoft
Tinmin Yeung
Firstly,there is no doubt that Microsoft is quit successful in China.Because China is a very large market.Between 2002 and 2007,Microsoft sales and revenue grew more rapidly in the Greater China region than in andy other market in the world.But Microsoft also meet a lot of challenges,patent,piracy and political. From Microsoft itself,it is the world’s best.He gets the absolutely monopoly position.He draw up a lot of Supremacy clause.He wants to control the whole IT industy.This action just get the dislike of American people.In America,Microsoft gets a lot of strikes from many sides.But it seemed that his supremacy postion never changed.So when he entered Chinese market,he still carried out lots of aggressive strategies to control the whole Chinese IT market.That’s the reason why government,many firms,people want to agaist him. Government wants to protect home IT industry;companies want to make more profits;people want to spend the least and ues the best.That’s the reason why he will meet these kinds of challenages.Most of the legal copy need to spend more than one thousand RMB,so many Chinese users just use the pirate.Although Microsoft try to use more technical means to ptevent this tort.But Chinese hackers can still crack the code of the system.Even though the pirate can’t update,users still want to use it because of the cheap price.In this case,Microsoft didn’t do enough investigations about the average consuming ability of Chinese people.In my opinion,China now is still a developing country,the people now don’t have the concept of copy right.This problem just ralated to a nation’s legal system. In the final analysis,there are such phenomena emerge in Chinese market due to the original reason is that there is a very big bug exits in Chinese legal system.If the laws about protecting IP、antitrust、anti-unfair competition can be profected,and there are laws to abide...
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