Microscope Lab

Topics: Eyepiece, Lens, Lenses Pages: 3 (834 words) Published: June 15, 2012
Lori Stenbeck
Bio K121
June 7, 2012
The Microscope
The purpose of a microscope is to see either enlarge images of small objects and or make seen what is invisible to the naked eye. We have two types of microscopes available in the lab. The dissecting microscope is designed to study objects in three dimensions at low magnification. The compound microscope is used for examining small or thinly sliced sections of objects under magnification that is higher than the dissecting microscope. In this lab we will learn proper use and handling of a microscope. Dissecting Microscope:

Using the dissecting microscope our objective was to learn how to use a dissecting microscope properly to view a penny and a Planaria.
While observing the penny under 20x magnification I observed that on the tail side a penny Lincoln is sitting in the Lincoln Memorial. While viewing the penny with the naked eye it is nearly impossible to determine that Lincoln is sitting in the Lincoln Memorial.

In my observations of the Planaria, I noticed that it had a distinct head, eyes and body and it appeared to crawl along the bottom of the bowl. It looked as if it sometimes glided around the bowl and then sometimes looked like it was inching along sort of like an inch worm. On the basis my observations I could not distinguish a mouth so I believe that their mouths are on the underside of their body, I believe they filter their food and are bottom scavengers. When holding an object in the path of the Planaria it turned around to avoid the object. When touching its head he initially tried to avoid the object and then suctioned to the probe. When touching other parts of the Planaria with the probe its reaction was to curl up into a ball. The touch response was very different when touching the head compared to the rest of the Planaria. Compound Microscope:

Using the compound microscope our objectives were to learn how to use a microscope, how to...
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