Microscope Essay

Topics: Lens, Optics, Eye Pages: 3 (993 words) Published: November 12, 2011
Microscopes have brought to light a new realm of information that originally laid dormant and invisible to the naked eye. It has enhanced biology and brought forth great advancements into the study of living organisms. Many discoveries have been achieved through the microscope. One of the major ones is the cell theory that we have talked about in this chapter. Having a microscope enables us to study even the smallest of details in organisms and allows us to conduct research. Another great tool concerning research is that we can do physical examinations as well as tests on organisms. We can introduce medications to cells to see how they will react or procreate. Due to these types of studies, we have changed the face of pathophysiology as we know it today. Discussion

A normal letter “E” that is upright to the naked eye will be inverted and flipped when viewed through a microscope. The reason for this is due to the shape and position of the two lenses in a compound light microscope. Light passes through the convex lens and is bent. The light continues on to the next lens and are bent again. The initial pass through the lens caused the light to intersect but the secondary pass of light through the second lens causes them to be parallel. The light from the top of the image is now seen in the second lens at the bottom and it will appear inverted.

The color of the threads are cream color, red and blue. They go from left to right in that order. I thought the 40X magnification was most useful in identifying the order because it allowed me to see them from a distance that was not close up. The other magnifications drew them in at a distance that made it challenging to see them as a whole. When viewing this object I have to adjust the magnification in proportion to the distance of the threads. The lower the magnification, the farther the lens is to the thread which makes it easier to differentiate what you are looking at. The higher the...
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