Microprocessor and Lighthouse Cooperative

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1.0 Introduction As the world is embracing the epoch of Information Age, it has provided new concepts and perspective in looking at things especially in every aspect of the business. It has created wide transformations in the management. It is always expected that the newly designed system is better than the old ones like a Computerized Inventory System. Inventory Software allows companies to track and evaluate the sales of the product using a single software application. Inventory Software enables the company to store, track and organize the sales every month. Everything needed to track and evaluate the sales is available on a computer. Computerized Inventory System implements a new set of records to be computed accurately and effectively and easy to deal with. It generates a quality time in computing such report on sales of the product, and easier and lesser access time. Computerized Inventory System used to eradicate endless paperwork, sifting though documents and manual computation.

1.1 Statement of the Problem Businesses today rely on computer technology to assist them in almost area of their corporate life. Computers have invaded grocery stores, fast food

restaurant, big businesses and small offices. They process data, store information, workout complex mathematical problems, and truck inventory and even control temperature in lightning and office buildings.

CISComSS: Computerized Inventory System of Computer Sales and Services of Lighthouse Cooperative


As the researchers observed, the current system of Computer Sales and Services for Lighthouse Cooperative encounter some problems generalized and specified as follows: 1.1.1 General Problem How to develop and design a comprehensive Computerized Inventory System of Computer Sales and Services of Lighthouse Cooperative? 1.1.2 Problem Statement This aims is to develop a Computerized Inventory System of Computer Sales and Service of Lighthouse Cooperative. Hence, it seeks to answers the following: 1. How effective and efficient is the proposed system in terms of accuracy and speed? 2. How can the proposed system monitor the records of the products with security? 3. How can the proposed system hasten easy access and retrieval of daily reports? 4. How to formulate a proposed system that can track and evaluate the sales of the product? 5. To what extent will the proposed system will benefit the company?

CISComSS: Computerized Inventory System of Computer Sales and Services of Lighthouse Cooperative


1.2 Current State of the Technology As computers became more powerful, it became evident that single-user batch processing rarely utilize the computer’s resources efficiently because most of the time was spent waiting for slow input/output devices to complete their tasks. Instead it was thought that many jobs or tasks could be made to share the resources of the computer to achieve better utilization. Companies like Lighthouse Cooperative Computer Sales and Services spend a lot of time and effort in terms of recording, maintaining, and utilizing the sales of their product. In this process, the company requires in charge person to record the stock in and stock out of their product every month. As of now, the company uses a manual system. They use a simple sheet where the person in charge records the stock in and stock out of their product. When the products arrived, the person in charge must record the stock in with the necessary requirements such as brand, item description, reference number of the product, date delivered, quality and amount of the product. After recording, the product will display or otherwise they stock in to mini warehouse. If some products were rejected, then they will return into the supplier to change a new one, they called as “Backload”. In the procedure of stock out of the product, some employees or internal customer request a product for service center use and some agencies purchased an order. In this process the person in...
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