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  • Published : February 22, 2013
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USP Moderate functions at low price

Provide simple functions at much lower costs e.g.- Loud speakers, wireless FM, ultra long lasting battery life Regional languages support & Indian calendars main force behind attracting Rural People Most phones are dual SIM/Triple SIM phones helping those who want to keep Personal and Professional life different Production and Sale at much lower cost than other competitors Indian Company having HQ at Gurgaon, Haryana

4.Due to Java support a lot of basic applications can be run Weakness
1.Poor after sales support
2.Many consumers in low ASP group still trust Nokia & Samsung 3.Build Quality is inferior
Most of the phones have Tacky looks
Lacking in Technology e.g.- Very Less Talktime or Battery Backup in Smartphones as compared to Samsung
4.User interface for not so tech-savvy consumers , Unreliable Opportunity
1.Low-end phones market has become very competitive
2. Cut-throat competition has made Dual-SIM phones in very much demand as everyone wants to keep Personal and Professional life different 3.Android Phones and apps are in very trend now. Developing that will allow to capture market 4. Tablets are very much in demand..and demand is increasing day-by-day 5.Now consumers are ready to accept Micromax as a Brand

1.Threat from low price well known brands
2.Other lower end phones brands
SaMsumg started reducing the prices of its phones….
New Entrants in Competition to its Phone Segment e.g;XOLO , Lenovo Various Laptop Company entering Tablet Market at a price competitive to micromax e.g;Acer , HCL


New ProductConsolidate
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