Microeconomics and Applications

Topics: Supply and demand, Microeconomics, Economics Pages: 31 (3288 words) Published: April 20, 2013


Course Code:IIBEN 10102 Programme Name: BBA (IB)/ 3C BBA/ IMBA Classroom contact hours: 30 hoursCredit Units: 03
Self Study hours:80 hours Faculty: Assist Prof Richa Goel

Research and Field Surveys : 20 hours

Course Objective
The Principal objective of this course is to equip the students with the very basics of Micro Economics. The course will develop a high level of understanding about the economic environment which functions through several markets, firms, industries, management and government.

Learning Outcomes:
On successful completion of the course, students will be able to: ❖ Understand the application of basic micro-economic principles on business decision making. ❖ Develop a rational decision making perspective and analytical frame work required for managerial decision making.

The Curriculum and Scheme of Examination:

It includes the course objectives, course contents, scheme of examination and the list of text and references. The scheme of examination defines the various components of evaluation and the weightage attached to each component. The different codes used for the components of evaluation and the weightage attached to them are: ComponentsCodesWeightage (%)

Case Discussion/ Presentation/ AnalysisC05 - 10
Home AssignmentH05 - 10
ProjectP05 - 10
VivaV05 - 10
QuizQ05 - 10
Class TestCT10 - 10
End Semester ExaminationEE70

Course Procedures:
The course centers on the readings. Students are expected to do all the week's reading before the first class meeting each week, so that they can participate helpfully in class discussions. Courses such as this one, which depend on active discussions among the students, are greatly improved by students’ doing the reading thoroughly before class.

Deadlines should be deadlines. Lateness on any assignment may be penalized at 5% per day, including weekend days, beginning the day and time the assignment is due, unless some extraordinary emergency has caused the lateness. Printer failures, hard drive failures, bad disks, crowded computer labs and the like are all normal occurrences that you should anticipate and allow for. Lateness for reasons such as these may not be excused.

Academic Integrity
This should go without saying, but let us say it anyway: Be honest. Present as your own work only your own work. Your integrity is far more important than your grade. Practice integrity in your actions and you will build it in yourself. Anyone who cheats or plagiarizes will fail the course. Teaching and Learning Methods:

The assessment programme will be student driven, requiring the students to develop their communication skills by presentation and debate. Critical participation of students is expected in each of the assessment programme. The class lectures will focus on an International context to understand the environment in which decisions have to be made and learning of tools of decision-making. To achieve the aforesaid, a mixed pedagogy will be followed including lectures, profusely illustrated by case examples of Indian and International companies. The students will form a group and each group will pick up any one major product category and select a non-Indian company. It will study, and then write about, the relevant strategy followed by this company. Case studies will be discussed by the instructor and accompanied by group presentations - written and oral - by the students under the supervision of the faculty.

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