Microcontroller Based Voltage Measurement

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  • Published: July 16, 2012
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Aniruddh Dey – 000611501010
Manoranjan Kumar Choudhary – 000611501017
Nilabh Gupta – 000611501022
Gaurav Bagla – 000611501028
Nilay Mitash – 000611501036
Power Engineering
4th Year
Jadavpur University

I would like to offer my sincere gratitude to Professor Gargi Konar, who has contributed to this project in a major way. I thank her for her guidance and support during the project with her immense expertise and cooperation on the topic.

Date: 08.05.2010


The objective of this project is to design a circuitry and interfacing it with microcontroller so as to get the digital output for an analog input. We are sensing voltage under this project. The basic components include the use of ADC 0809 and interfacing it with 8051 microcontroller through 8255 peripheral. There are 8 select channels, IND to IN7 through which we can provide an analog input to ADC which we have obtained from an analog device. This output can be electrical signals of transducers measuring temperature, depth, pressure, etc. in the form of an output voltage. We see that there are 8 input channels for ADC and we can use 8 different inputs at a time. Now the output of this ADC is fed into the input of 8051 micro controller. Through a 8255 peripheral. The microcontroller the displays this digitized output on a screen which we can see. We write a program in the microcontroller which then controls the functioning of sending signals to ADC and receiving the output from ADC. The program generates signals which activate the ADC.

The digitized output if microcontroller can be used for various purposes, like in power plants we can use this for continuous voltage monitoring of a generator, continuous temperature sensing in various parts of boiler, etc. We can use these outputs for other purposes also according to...
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