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Topics: Recycling, Reuse, Waste management Pages: 2 (289 words) Published: February 16, 2013
Memphis Primary Materials
Volume 1, Number 1January 2016

Memphis Primary Materials: An Introduction
Memphis Primary Materials provides advanced recycling services to businesses in the Memphis, Tennessee, area and throughout Tennessee. In addition to collecting common recyclable materials like batteries, paper, and toner cartridges, we collect and recycle computers, monitors, copiers and fax machines, wood pallets, and compostable materials. Our company’s name comes from the process of capturing the “primary materials” of used items for reuse. We ensure that our clients comply with all state and local regulations regarding waste and equipment disposal. Our staff also provides training to clients on the process and benefits of recycling. We strive to grow our business by advancing the ideas of reduce, reuse, and recycle among the business community. -------------------------------------------------

Memphis Primary Materials
5360 Airways Blvd., Suite 10A
Memphis, TN 38114
(901) 555-0862
CEO: Harold Boyd III
President: Barbara Collins
CFO: Joe Hedgepeth
Chief Environmental Officer: Denisha Geater

Making Recycling
Easier For Everyone
An easy way to help your staff and customers recycle is to place recycling bins around your office, customer areas, anywhere people pass by or congregate. One office collected over 1,000 batteries for recycling in a single month—small batteries used in electronic equipment that might otherwise have ended up in landfills. Employees at the company...
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