Microclimate Assessment of My Garden

Topics: Temperature, Wind, Celsius Pages: 5 (2043 words) Published: May 25, 2013
My microclimate report of My Garden
Microclimate is the climate of a small area within a larger area, my garden. I was given the task of investigating the microclimate of my garden and recording what I found. The warmest place was site 3 with a temperature of 13 degrees Celsius In site 3 there is a low albedo so heat is absorbed therefore the temperature is higher here on a warm day the aspect of this site is south west so this results in this part of the garden being warmer, because places facing the sun are warmer than those in the shadows, in Britain the sun rises in the east and moves through the south, so at midday the sun would be directly facing south making my garden hotter. We use this to an advantage by setting seats up in the garden so they are in the sun to get as much heat as possible. The sheds create a bit of a shadow however that doesn’t cover site 3; the sheds also collect the heat through the day by giving heat off from the sun making this site warmer. This can be shown from the microclimate investigation because I found that this was the hottest place and the temperature here was warmer than other sites in my garden we consequently eat our lunch in the sun using the microclimate of my garden to our advantage. The coldest site in my garden was site 5 at 7 degrees Celsius which also had the fastest wind speed. This is because the two walls create a canyon effect as the wind rushes through the two places to get past increasing the speed. The wind also makes this place slightly cooler from the winds. As the two walls create a passageway there is not much light getting into this area so the sun doesn’t shine much into this area, there is also lots of trees from next doors garden that provide shade making this area cooler and the next doors garden also has a pond which creates a slight cooling effect. All these factors in this part of the garden decrease the temperature and create a microclimate in my garden because the places have a varied temperature and wind speed. Site 2 and 3 where placed next to each other in the garden however sight 2 was on grass and sight 3 on tarmacs. After completing the microclimate investigation I found that site 3 had a higher temperature than site 2 by 1 degree Celsius. Both sites are in the same area of shadow and shelter with no other things affecting the microclimate other than the albedo the site that reflected the heat from the surface (2) had a lower temperature than the site with a lower albedo and absorbed the heat creating the surrounding area to be hotter as found in the investigation. This shows that albedo is affecting areas of my garden and giving them a microclimate. Both sites had the same wind speed and direction because there are no objects that would break up the wind or speeding it up as it goes round. At site 10 there is no wind as because the wind is travelling in a west direction to reach site 10 it would have to go through the house and wind can’t do this so it goes around (creating the canyon effect at site 5) therefore there is no wind at site 10 on this day because it can’t reach it, this also happens at site 1 where the wind speed is only 1mph because it can only just be reached by the wind without going through the building. On other days when the wind isn’t going in a westerly direction I would still expect this area to have no or very little wind because it is surrounded by building on 3 sides which should either reduce the wind or shelter the site from the wind. This site was also one of the highest temperatures at 12 degrees Celsius because the three rooms surrounding it give off heat from the sun all day and because there is no wind it is colder. The aspect of the site is also southwest also it will be hotter than the front of the house at midday and the rooms won’t create a shadow over this site. The surface also has a low albedo being a patio so the temperature is again increased. We often make best use of this area by sometimes eating lunch in...
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