Microcenter vs. Bestbuy

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  • Published : April 15, 2012
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Comparison Paper


First let us look at BestBuy. Getting there reviles you can see that even the sign is larger than life. The sign is both higher and larger than the Microcenter’s. Walking inside BestBuy you can see the huge room extra tall warehouse style ceilings while microcenter looks like a regular store. Grant it BestBuy looks better because it has a brighter and cleaner look. Inside the store we have to make a background comment. BestBuy’s employees are paid the same amount every hour, while Microcenter’s employees get paid more the better they do. With that piece of insight we can see why Microcenter’s employees will help you ten times more often then BestBuy. Personally I think that the entire look and feel of Microcenter is old, a store straight out of 90s or the early 2000s, while best buy has kept up the image of a new store. I noticed there is much more marketing material in BestBuy then there is in Microcenter. As an example Microcenter sells its hard drives by taking them out of the box and selling them off in their static bags, while BestBuy sells their hard drives inside of their packaging with all of the manufacturing marketing included. Marketing has taught us this is a bad idea. After purchasing our hard drive we have noticed that Microcenter is more helpful while BestBuy looks better and entices you to buy more. The cash register is better placed and better ordered in Microcenter than it is in BestBuy. One thing I like about Microcenter is that there is only one line with multiple cash registers so everyone takes the weight of the line. Microcenter also gives you a nice sales pamphlet with your purchase. But BestBuy has a reward zone that accumulates points as you buy.
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