Microbiology and Daily Human Life

Topics: Obesity, Adipose tissue, Bacteria Pages: 3 (1218 words) Published: March 8, 2011
Microbiology is involved in many aspects of human daily life. The food eaten to the showerheads in the bathroom contain thousands of microbes. Microbiology is evident in our lives and it is reported through various media. News reports have articles about microbes just like a recent article from Times Magazine titled Overcoming Obesity by Alex Park.
 Park featured article is about the problem of obesity in America and how different scientists are thinking of new manners to combat this epidemic. The first part of article is sub titled: Why we get Fat: Seeking Clues in our Cells. In this part of the article it claims that people get fat because of the amount of stress in our daily lives, unhealthy eating habits, and our symbiotic relationship with microbes. It also states that people’s bacterial make up influence the amount of fat that one can store in the body. The second part of the article, The Bugs in your Gut, was about different types of bacteria in ones gut. These gut bacteria have a population in the trillions and they help curb ones appetite and keep off the fat pounds. The bacteria in skinny and obese people are at different levels. An experiment with a obese man who had gastric bypass surgery had a drastic change in the gut flora. A fluctuation different types of Bacteririodetes and Frimicutes where noted in the experiment. The third part of the article, Fat and Disease: the Missing Link. Park claims that the body fat releases different types of chemicals. Park states in the article, “fat cells are, for example, replete with macrophages, the immune cells that engulf foreign invaders and put the body’s other defensive cells into attack mode. For some reason, macrophages become hyperactive inside the fat cells of obese people, sending out signals to recruit other inflammatory factors.” Park also states that free fatty acids are broken down and remain in the blood stream for obese people. The last part of the article is called The Good Fat....
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