Microbes Are Everywhere

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Microbes are Everywhere

Microbiology Lab.

Aim of the experiment:
Prove that microbes are everywhere

Materials required:
Agar dishes NA, Petri dish S.D.A.(sucrose dextrose), swabs, cotton bud, labels and marker.

(A) – Isolate microbes from me (bacteria)
1- We marked, divided by 4 and labeled the bottom of our Petri dish. 2- On NA we swabbed areas such as: chicks, rings, underneath of a watch, sink and disinfectant trigger 3-We closed the petri dish, incubated it upside down, on 300C, for 48 hours.

(B)- Isolate microbes from surface (mold and yest)
1- We marked, divided by 4 and labeled the bottom of our Petri dish. 2- On S.D.A we used a wet swab-Dipped into dilhent bottle (contains sterile peptone) and swabbed: tap, handle press clothe, hair, inside of a shoe and glasses. 3- We closed the petri dish quickly, incubated it on 220C, for five days.

There was a slightly color difference between the petri dish NA and S.D.A



With the results we had we could conclude that microbes are everywhere.

* We exposed the samples to the same condition. However, we couldn’t find a fungi (mold/ yeast) growth on clothe and glasses sample. What we think that it might happened was:
(a) – Clothe and glasses sample that we took were too small.
(b)- It wasn’t the right food source and conditions for that specific type of microorganism to replicate.
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