Micro-Finanace in Bangladesh

Topics: Microfinance, Bank, Grameen Bank Pages: 35 (9909 words) Published: January 7, 2013
Objectives of the study

The objective of this study is to identify the rural finance situation of Bangladesh. The organized rural finances condition. The prime organizations to offer rural finances throughout the country. The impediments to render rural finances.

Methodology of the study

In the entire study I collect secondary information and try to evaluate my reports based on that. I collected information from its originating point and also from evaluation corner.

Limitations of the study

Because of my personal limitation and time management I try to do maximum. There are some limitations regarding finding proper information that may help me more to do better. The data on rural finances are not available in organized manner. Many firms render rural finances through improper distribution channel and don’t maintain database.

Micro Finance
A type of banking service that is provided to unemployed or low-income individuals or groups who would otherwise have no other means of gaining financial services. Ultimately, the goal of microfinance is to give low income people an opportunity to become self-sufficient by providing a means of saving money, borrowing money and insurance.

“Microcredit, or microfinance, is banking the unbankables, bringing credit, savings and other essential financial services within the reach of millions of people who are too poor to be served by regular banks, in most cases because they are unable to offer sufficient collateral. In general, banks are for people with money, not for people without.” Microcredit is based on the premise that the poor have skills which remain unutilized or underutilized. It is definitely not the lack of skills which make poor people poor….charity is not the answer to poverty. It only helps poverty to continue. It creates dependency and takes away the individual’s initiative to break through the wall of poverty. Unleashing of energy and creativity in each human being is the answer to poverty.” (Muhammad Yunus, Expanding Microcredit Outreach to Reach the Millennium Development Goals, International Seminar on Attacking Poverty with Microcredit, Dhaka, Bangladesh, January, 2003)

Microcredit belongs to the group of financial service innovations under the term of microfinance, other services according to microfinance is micro savings, money transfer vehicles and micro insurance. Microcredit is a innovation for the developing countries. Microcredit is a service for poor people that are unemployed, entrepreneurs or farmes who are not bankable. The reason why they are not bankable is the lack of collateral, steady employment, income and a verifiable credit history, because of this reasons they can´t even meet the minimal qualifications for a ordinary credit. By helping people with microcredits it gives them more available choiches and opportunities with a reduced risk. It has successfully enabled poor people to start their own business generating or sustain an income and often begin to build up wealth and exit poverty. The amount of money that´s lended out seldom exceeds 100 USD. Microcredit fits best to those with entrepreneurial capability and possibility. This translates to those poor who work in growing economies, and who can undertake activities that generate weekly stable incomes. For those who don´t qualify because they are extreme poor like destitute and homeless almost every microcredit institution have special safety programs that offer basic subsistence and later endeavors to graduate this members in their microfinance program making ordinary microcredits available. Microcredit plays an important role in fighting the multi-dimensional aspects of poverty. Microfinance increases household income, which leads to attendant benefits such as increased food security, the building of assets, and an increased likelihood of educating one’s children. Microfinance is also a means for self-empowerment. It enables the poor to make...
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