Micro Environmental Forces

Topics: Marketing, NTUC FairPrice, Competition Pages: 1 (557 words) Published: May 28, 2011
MICRO ENVIRONMENTALFORCES| EVENTS| IMPACTOPPORTUNITIES/THREATS| COMPETITORS| * YEOS * POKKA| -VE IMPACT * Holds high percentage of market share * Both YEOS and POKKA are the leading brand in the Asian Specialty drinks category. They both have their own loyal group of consumer. In addition to that, they also have similar range of product, pricing, placing of product as F&N Seasons .Thus, they are viewed as the strongest competitor to F&N Seasons * Products are similar with health benefits * Consumer has more choices and might not choose Seasons. * They will choose based on past experience, the brands that they are loyal to or choose the one that are the cheapest * Pricing are very competitive * Hence, F&N Seasons will have to lower down product prices to stay competitive. This is negative as cost of producing product are increasing and if product pricing keep decreasing, total profit will also decrease. * Have to spend more money on R&R * Have to come up with new products more often as competition is too strong. If there is no new product to satisfied the consumer, it is a very high tendency that consumer will switch to other brands * Spend more money on marketing effort * As competition is too intense, there is a need for F&N Seasons to do more marketing effort to raise brand awareness and raise produce sales number. * This is seen as negative as marketing effort will require large amount of money and manpower which will decrease the company net profit| DISTRIBUTORS| * Cold Storage * NTUC fair price| * In terms of distributors, F&N seasons has secured its product placing at all NTUC fairprice and Coldstorage. * NTUC Fairprice is one of Singapore biggest retailer with more than 230 outlets, conveniently located around Singapore. * Cold storage has 39 outlets located across the island * Both distributors are seen as an opportunity due to its large amount of outlets....
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