Mickey Mouse

Topics: Neoteny, Jack Sparrow, Amphibian Pages: 2 (564 words) Published: October 16, 2012
Fountain of youth
There’s one thing that is on our mind at least once a year, on our birthday, or even every time we look in the mirror, youth. Not everyone is as lucky as Captain Jack Sparrow, who owns a compass that locates the mythical fountain of youth, or like the Benjamin Button who gets younger as each day come. For centuries, technology has advanced so much in order to help us to stay younger just a little bit longer, but such elixir has not yet to be found. Neoteny, also called pedomorphism, is the retention of juvenile traits in adults. “A Biological Homage To Mickey Mouse” written by Stephen Jay Gould, which he remarked that Mickey Mouse had been changed and progressively overtime to resemble an infant, who had a bigger cranium and bigger eyes, and so on. In his opinion, the changes in Mickey’s image were purposely made to increase his popularity. By making him cuter, that is usually characterized by some combination of child-like physical traits, especially with a body with a disproportionately large cranium and large eyes, a pleasantly fair, but not necessarily small nose and dimples, and softer body features. Juvenile personality traits, such as fragility, playfulness helplessness, curiosity, affectionate behavior, innocence, and a need to be nurtured are also generally considered cute. In neoteny, the physiological development of an organism is slowed or delayed. “Neoteny is one of three dimension of heterochrony, or the change in timing of developmental events: faster versus slower, further versus no as far, and begins earlier versus begins later.” In the world of nature, there this creature called axolotl, the endangered salamander that originated and reside only to two lakes in Mexico. Unlike frogs that transform from tadpoles that use gills to breath and lungs and skin in adult form, the axolotl never transforms, keeping the gilled aquatic features even after maturity. An adult axolotl, a white and pinkish...
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