Mickey as an Icon

Topics: Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney, The Walt Disney Company Pages: 3 (777 words) Published: September 30, 2012
Mackenzie Hyde
First Person America Spring 2012
Professor Cowden
Paper 3: Media Analysis
Mickey Mouse as an American Icon

Mickey Mouse has been a significant part of the history of American culture since the ‘20s because of the historical significance, versatility in looks seen in the photo, weight of the icon upon generations of children, and the overall ability to adapt to modern day times.

This front for one of the world’s largest companies, Disney, has become more popular than its creator would have imagined. Walt Disney created Mickey not too long after he lost possession of his other creation, Oswald. After becoming the first animated character in American history, Mickey became the heart of Disney. Mickey grew in popularity partially due to this, but also because he was the one of the first animated characters that actually had a personality. Mickey is a character that is hard not to love, and many also fell in love with his spunk as well as his look. His signature big round ears, unique voice, big eyes, white-gloved hands, and his perky smile draws everyone in. As Mickey Mouse grew in fame, Disney expanded their use of him, and soon he was iconic. He was easily marketable and is now found on almost anything you can buy. Disney also promoted him by placing him in various movies, and seen in the photograph he was used in the movie “Mickey’s Christmas”. This is a good representation of Mickey’s significance in American culture because he is portrayed as Santa, and many of his newer movies depict him playing the role of other well-known characters in American culture. He is also seen with his friends: Donald Duck, Goofy, and his love interest, Minnie Mouse. Throughout the years, Mickey has been “modernized” by Disney so that he keeps up with the times and stays relevant. This image is one of the many examples of this because Disney wants to have a large audience; therefore they produce as many versatile Mickey Mouse products as...
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