Michelin Creative Brief

Topics: Automobile, Wheel, Brake Pages: 3 (547 words) Published: March 5, 2011
Aditya Samanta
Creative Brief Outline

1. Creative Strategy

a. Basic opportunity or problem the advertising must address: The need for high quality durable tires that consumers can rely on while driving at high speeds.
With the rapid development of technology enabling automobiles to drive at speeds exceeding 90 miles/hour, drivers need to be certain that when they apply the brakes, the automobile will stop. This has become exceedingly important today because of a sharp rise in urban population, causing unexpected automobile and pedestrian traffic. While automobile manufactures strive to create disk brakes, consumers and auto manufacturers need tires that also adhere to the same standards. They need tires that ensure that friction is maximized when brakes are applied thereby ensuring that the vehicle halts on time. Secondly, consumers are getting more demanding for better technology. As they drive their latest cars and bikes across widespread high quality roads, they demand tires that go the distance without having to worry about replacing the tires too often. Thus the need for tires which are durable and long lasting. Thirdly, this is an era of fuel scarcity. While auto manufacturers spend billions to enhance fuel efficiency, auto manufacturers, car dealers and consumers need every part of the vehicle to support the cause for enhanced fuel efficiency. Thus creating the opportunity for technologically advanced tires that support these large investments to increases fuel efficiency and performance. Lastly, a rapid increase in the number of tire manufacturers creates the need to differentiate one from the other. The goal is to repeatedly innovate and communicate the latest developments to consumers in comparison to rival’s thereby creating brand loyalty through performance.

b. The objectives of the advertising: Although Michelin is an established brand in the tire industry, advertising is needed to reach new customers and remind...
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