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1.0 Company Background
Michelin is involved in the research and manufacturing of rubber tires and was founded in the year 1889. Today, it has over 29,000 employees in more than 170 countries worldwide. In 1998, Michelin established it Representative Office in Malaysia.2002, Michelin Malaysia Sdn Bhd has set up its headquartering office which located in Damansara Utama, Selangor. Therefore, Michelin have their own local tyre industry as well. The sales force strategically positioned and located at key market centers, and also providing a professional and ever expanding their network which is allowed to recognize with a standardized outlet-front signage. Recently, Michelin has more focus on environment friendly and social responsible. The new technology of the tire comes out a wonderful performance in order to help the customer saving fuel and having more tire life for their car. This tire named GREEN ‘X’ which marked by the Michelin tire. The biggest competitor of the Michelin Group Malaysia which is Bridgestone Malaysia have recently launching various promotion and activities, therefore, Michelin needs to take some PR action in order to maintains a their status in tyre industries.

2.0Importance of PR and its role in marketing
Public Relation plays a very important role in marketing in company because Public Relation needs to assist marketing department to deliver the accurate message, positioning and product knowledge to the selecting target audience. Therefore, Michelin Malaysia believes that will help to engage and maintain a long term relationship with the customers by earning support and learning, influence opinion and behaviour. Secondly, Public Relation also allowed Michelin to create awareness of the brand name through some PR or media tools such as advertisement, endorsement, events and press release to cache the attention of the audience. It can help the company become well-known in their respective fields of concentration many times through public relations and the associated media generated. Endorsement of Michelin which is Michelin man always given a strong impression and unforgettable image to the audience and easy to recognize as well. The tummy of the Michelin man is looks like the tyres, so when the public see the Michelin man then will guide them to the Michelin as well. Lastly, the Public Relation able to help the audience create a long term memory for Michelin Malaysia. ( Lautenslager A,2003)

3.0Public Relation Tools and Activities of Michelin Malaysia 3.1Special Event
In 2010, Michelin Sdn.Bhd hire a public relation agency which called Spanners to holding a tour event successfully among the states of the Malaysia such as Johor, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and etc. The main objective of the road show which was introducing the new tyre of the Michelin tyres which called Green-x tire. From the road show, there were several of activities included evil fill pump competition, drawing competition and games in order to let the audience participle the activities and educate car owners on environment-friendly tyres that reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Moreover, free goodies were given to the walk-in customer who fully participle to the Michelin road show’s activities in order to engage a good relationship with the audiences. (Wong D,2009) In Malaysia, there were a lot successfully examples such as Philips road show which hold in the malls on weekends. This tool may help to attract the audiences easily due to the crowd and also increase the revenue as well. The limitation of this tool which is the audiences are very randomly and cannot be segment into specific group.

Michelin Road show tour

3.2Corporate Social Responsibility
Secondly, the high quality tyres on research and development have a slight damage towards the environment. Michelin Group has focused sharply on corporate social responsibility with their employee under the theme called ‘Michelin Volunteering, for...
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