Micheal Vick

Topics: Michael Vick, Atlanta Falcons, Philadelphia Eagles Pages: 2 (739 words) Published: March 4, 2013
The Rise and falls of Michael Vick

Michael Dwayne Vick is mostly known as a star quarterback in the eyes of most NFL fans. He has been through many ups and downs in his career and growing up. He was born in Newport News,Virginia, on June 26,1980 (Michael Vick Biography). Michael Vick did not have the best childhood. Vick grew up in a city dominated by gang violence.Michael's family situation was not ideal. His mother,Brenda Vick, already parenting one girl,Christina. was only 16 when she became pregnant with him. His father, Michael Boddie, was just one year older. After five years they finally decided to tie the knot.Along the way they had two more kids, Marcus and Courtney .He learned from Aaron Brooks,A cousin of Michael’s. Brooks would go on to have a successful NFL career.Despite his surroundings he grew up being respectful ,and kind.When he was in grade school he also showed tremendous talent in baseball,but when he entered high school he dropped all of his other sports and pursued football.Vick went through two high schools.He attended Ferguson High School for two years. After it shut down in 1994 he was transferred to Warwick senior high.In 1997 Vick was one of the top 5 high school players in the country. On his varsity debut he passed for 433 yards on only 13 completions. At the end of his high school career his team’s overall record with Vick on the team was 20-13.He threw for 4,846 yards,and 43 touchdowns.He also rushed for 1,048 yards,and 18 touchdowns.Michael went to Virginia Tech for college (jockBio: Michael Vick Biography). Vick was projected to be top 5 draft pick,and he was only a sophomore.he decided to skip his final two years,and enter the NFL draft. He was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons in the first round in 2001.Vick signed a six year 62 million dollar contract, with a 15 million signing bonus. He was ready to begin his NfL career. His rookie season he didn't see much action,but he went into the off season eager to get the starting...
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