Michael Mann's Concept of Fascism

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  • Published : April 11, 2013
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Michael Mann:
Mann’s new theory is based upon a synthesis of the material and ideological schools within the histography of fascism, but with the ambition of understanding the fascists themselves. Mann’s Approach is through the people, ideologies and social movements that led to the establishment of fascist regimes (seeks to explain fascism by understanding fascist) Investigates Fascist in their major redoubts in interwar Europe. Mann’s Definition of Fascism:

“Fascism is the pursuit of a transcendent and cleansing nation-statism through paramilitaries. Mann brings forward his own long developed analysis of sources of social power which is analysed in his “the source of social power”; Ideological, economic, military and political. Thus Michael Mann states that to attain their goals , social movements wield combinations of control over ultimate meaning systems (ideological), control over means of production and exchange(Economic), control over organized physical violence(military), and control over centralized and territorial constitutions of regulation (political). But the major weight of Mann’s definition falls on ideological beliefs in a more traditional sense. ‘To understand fascism’, he declares, ‘I adopt a methodology of taking fascists’ values seriously’. His book is organized into two parts. The first asks why ‘over half, but not all, of the relatively advanced part of the world and of Europe’ turned in a right-wing authoritarian direction after the First World War, and then why, within this zone, fascism arose as a subset of a wider drift. More distinctive is the explanation Mann offers for the rise of right-wing authoritarianism and the—more localized—emergence of fascism, which he seeks to show can only be fully understood in terms of his ‘iemp’ model. Mann’s states that By 1919, the strains of war, economic dislocation and the arrival of mass politics had destabilized to a greater or lesser extent all European regimes. And says that how the...
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