Michael Jordan

Topics: Michael Jordan, Basketball, Patrick Ewing Pages: 4 (1421 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Quintin Corley
Composition 1
Megan Rankin
October 21, 2012
Michael Jordan’s Final Shot
In 1982, Michael Jordan hit one of the biggest shots of his career. He was only in college and playing for North Carolina. The piece has Michael releasing his final shot of his freshman year against a Georgetown team. How the piece is zoomed in on Michael releasing the shot makes him the focal point. The size of Jordan in this piece in comparison to the arena, crowd, coach, and other players demonstrate the study in size. Michael Jordan being zoomed in this picture makes him the main subject and key element in the final game of the season, the national championship.

I would like to first describe the arena and atmosphere being presented. From the picture there is a lot of haze in the distance and it really appears underneath the lights. Thus, meaning that it was very hot and humid in the arena. Also, I notice the glaze of sweat appearing on each player also, meaning it was a very humid atmosphere in the arena on that historical night. From all the haze and the heat, it explains that it was shoulder to shoulder in the crowd, as the spectators watched the final shot of the season. The heat and humidity shows the importance of the game in college basketball, being the national championship. The significance of this proves that this game was a very intense, on the edge of your seat game, from all the fans producing a lot of body heat. This is what produces the haze underneath the lights, showing the importance of the game to all the viewers.

One of the main importances to these historic pictures is the color. The color is all black and white which shows the time period of the game. Also, having a black and white print made draws affect to the photo and presents the effect of a main focal point. I think having this piece in black and white draws a moody feeling to the picture. The mood being a very high strung; edgy game that came down to the wire. I also think by not...
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