Michael Jordan

Topics: Air Jordan, Nike, Inc., Michael Jordan Pages: 4 (1009 words) Published: January 23, 2013

Specific Purpose: To educate my audience on how these shoes came to be and inform them on how they can become involved with the sneaker culture.

Central Idea: Nike Air Jordans are more than just a basketball shoes, they are a culture and style all their own. They have a background that is rich with meaning and many people cherish the sneaker lifestyle.


I. (Attention Getter) Could you imagine walking around in a pair of shoes that cost a thousand dollars? Nike makes Michael Jordan brand shoes that sell for extremely high prices and many people wear, buy and sell these shoes all the time. (Audience Adaptation) I am sure many do not know the facts or history behind Jordan brand basketball shoes so now is your time to learn and maybe you’ll even be intrigued enough to go buy your own pair. (Purpose) Nike Air Jordan basketball shoes are more than just sneakers they have created their own culture and lifestyle that many people have taken part in thru the years.

(Preview) Today I am going to be telling you about how these shoes started and how far they have come. First, I will be talking about the creation and uprising of the shoe Second, I will be explaining the transformation of the brand through time. Lastly, I will explain the current popularity and culture behind the shoes. *

TRANSITION: Now lets go from the beginning to see how the legend really started. * Body
I. Nike started Air Jordan back in 1985.
* A.When Michael Jordan was only a rookie in 1985 Nike made him a sponsorship deal. * 1. Michael preferred Adidas and Converse but with his agent on his back and a handsome amount of cash being offered he could not count out. * 2. They came to Michael with the idea of creating his own line of shoes called “Air Jordans” * 3. After bring Michael to Nike headquarters and presenting him with a video and sketches of his first shoe and jumpsuit, Mike could not...
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