Michael Jackson: Greatest of All Time

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Jared Green
March 5, 2012
English 102-Section 2
Professor McGunnigle
Essay Final Draft
Michael Jackson: The Greatest of All-Time
If asked the question, “Who is the greatest or famous music artist of all time,” which name would first pop into your head? Michael Jackson is the most accomplished artist that ever lived on this planet. To start things off, he has one of the best voices ever known to the industry of music. Secondly, he is also one of the best dancers to ever walk the earth. Lastly, his album Thriller, is the best-selling album of all time. To start things off, Michael Jackson had a voice which was sublime, known for its softness and childlike qualities even when he was in his 40's. According to his vocal coach, Seth Riggs, Michael had several advantages as a singer and qualities which made him so great. Statistics show that he had a vocal range of 4 octave of a tenor (“Michael Jackson’s Voice”). In clearer words, Michael’s voice had a range of 44 notes. He is able to reach octaves that other singers couldn’t dream of reaching with their natural voice, giving him the ability to leave audiences mind-blown at his performances. Another advantage was the natural speed of his voice. This speed in his voice gave Michael the ability to sing the very complex rhythms of his music in perfect timing. Very unique to most artists, he could also sing in staccato, notes of shortened duration (“Michael Jackson Vocal”). Michael managed to keep this beautiful voice his entire lifetime, being very consistent in his entertainment. His voice did not change much from th"ABC-123,” to Thriller.  As he grew older, his voice got bigger, but it never really broke. He made outstanding music from the time he was a child to his death several years ago. His songs were memorable and there was much more to him than just a singing voice.  His creative genius, hard work, and love for his art make him an unrivaled talent.  His music will be listened to and enjoyed for centuries to come. However, his angelic voice and dance moves were not just given to him. Early in his life, Michael worked hard with his brothers, practicing their vocals and dance moves, dreaming to become the stars that would be. Their father, Joe Jackson, also pushed them to their musical limits. Michael once said of the rehearsal sessions that his father would sit in a chair watching and listening and holding a belt and "if you didn't do it the right way, he would tear you up, really get you". Michael's singing voice earned him high praise, and he would be called a prodigy as a child, unlike many other artists of his time.  He had five hit singles by age 14 to his credit: “ABC-123,” “I'll be there,” “I want you back,” and “The love you save,” as the Jackson 5's lead singer. He was declared the eleventh best vocalist of contemporary music, according to MTV’s “22 Greatest Voices in Music History” (Michael Jackson’s Voice). When considering being a great entertainer, there is one main criteria that a candidate must contain: The ability to capture one’s attention during an entire performance. The sharpness of his moves, and the agility of his voice puts Michael Jackson at the top of the list. From the Jackson Five’s Triumph tour in 1981 to his solo documentary “This Is It” in 2009, Jackson never failed to entertain millions of fans. He always encouraged his musicians and back up performers to do their best, thus making his overall performance that much better. Michael's singing voice earned him high praise, and he would be called a prodigy as a child, unlike many other artists of his time. Even though Michael Jackson died in 2009, his music still lives on to this day in society. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, because his style and ideas changed music and set the bar high for artists coming into the music industry. Coming from a big family of talent, Michael Jackson still emerged as a star and exceled in the entertainment industry. After winning a talent...
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