Michael Jackson

Topics: Michael Jackson, Moonwalk, The Jackson 5 Pages: 2 (475 words) Published: January 5, 2006
In Richard Taraborrelli's biography, Michael Jackson: the Magic and the Madness, Taraborrelli writes about the famous King of Pop, Michael Jackson. He explains about Jackson's influence on pop culture and his major accomplishments as well as his difficulties and challenges that he had to face throughout the years. In "The Magic and the Madness", Richard Taraborrelli shows great motivation in writing the biography. Taraborrelli's motive for writing this book was to give a detailed and accurate description of Michael Jackson's accomplishments and his difficulties throughout his career and his personal life. Throughout the biography, Taraborrelli wanted to give the truth about Michael Jackson's life and his career. He included Jackson's greatest accomplishments and Jackson's worst moments in history. When Richard Taraborrelli wrote "The Magic and the Madness", he interpreted Michael Jackson in both a positive and negative light. Taraborrelli also remained neutral throughout the book and had a neutral bias towards Michael Jackson. He told of Michael Jackson's greatest moments in history, including making "the best selling album of all time," which was "Thriller," perfecting the "back-slide" which is perceivably known as "the moonwalk," and being perceived as "the greatest entertainer of all time, also known as "the king of pop." Taraborrelli also explained about Jackson's worse moments in history, his difficulties and challenges throughout his career and his personal life including, Michael Jackson's relationships with his family, how his father handled young Michael, the plastic surgery questioning, the rumor's about Jackson's sexuality, the molestation allegations in 1993, and the Martin Brashir's documentary in February of 2003. Therefore, Richard Taraborrelli had remained in a neutral and respectable spot throughout the biography. He gave both sides of Jackson's story, not just one side. Taraborrelli also had portrayed Jackson in both a positive and negative...
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