Mice and Men Themes

Topics: John Steinbeck, Of Mice and Men, Novella Pages: 3 (1122 words) Published: March 22, 2012
The best laid schemes of mice and men, go often askew, and leave us nothing but grief and pain for promised joy. There are some factors in life you cannot control or plan for. People make a map of how they want and need to reach your goals, but there is always a stronger or unpredictable power to throw you right off you’re path. This theme from “To a Mouse” is universal. Big Lannie, from the short story “Clothe the Naked”, is a strong, caring and loving woman. Who always makes the brightest of plans for her children and grandson’s, Raymond, futures. But the force that ruins her dreams of Raymond’s joy, is prejudice, due to her African American heritage and ignorance. And then there is Doodle, from the short story “The Scarlet Ibis”, this poor young boy faces the cruel reality and obsticle that is being physical disabled. This obstacle keeps Doodle and the Narrator from achieving their goal of Doodle walking. Finally, there is Lenny Small and George Milton, from the novella Of Mice and Men, these two friends just want to own their own little ranch, but the uncontrollable factor that changes the courses they take and ruins the Natalie DeRosa

chances of ever owning their own land is Lenny. You can plan how to reach your goals, but often they are just some factors that dictate your steps.
Dorothy Parker’s “Clothe the Naked” shows how some goals can’t be achieved due to the unavoidable factor of racism and ignorance. Poor Big Lannie, all she cares about is the well fare of her children and grandson. But all her children did not live to grow up, except one. Her daughter, Arlene, lives to grow up, but then dies giving birth to a baby boy, Raymond. Big Lannie decides to take care of little Raymond, who was born blind. Big Lannie works at, for lack of better terminology, white middle class women’s homes. She is a very good worker, but is not given any respect due to her black skin. Raymond loves to walk around the streets outside their small apartment. He loves to...
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