Mice and Men Summary

Topics: Of Mice and Men, Randy Quaid, Mouse Pages: 2 (531 words) Published: December 26, 2012
My summary of the book: Of Mice and Men
The book of mice and men started off with two men, whose names were Lenny and George. Lenny was a big and muscular built person, who was ever so forgetful. He was so forgetful that, he couldn’t remember what he had done yesterday evening. His parents had left him with his Auntie, who had used to give Lenny mice to pet with. Unfortunately Lenny always killed the mice, because he had petted them too much and as he was a very strong built person. His friend, George, was pretty much the opposite of Lenny, but when Lenny’s aunty died, Lenny had no-one to look after him properly. Then one day, George saw Lenny and then they became best of friends. Lenny followed George everywhere where he had gone. George was a skinny medium sized person who had an average memory; he could remember things like a normal human-being. George and Lenny lived in the United States of America. They also worked in industrial farms; however they were always kicked out, because of Lenny’s stupidity. He loved to touch objects, no matter what they were. He especially liked to touch soft and furry things like mice, dogs and most of all rabbits. They were now in hiding, because Lenny wanted to touch the bosses daughters red dress, when he touched it she turned around and screamed, however when she tried to free Lenny’s hand from her dress, then he emphatically held on to the dress. She tried to run away, but the bright red dress ripped. She threatened to go to the police and press charges due to rape, but Lenny and George fled away just in time. Luckily they were due to be leaving the farm anytime soon, so they were given these two cards, which represented who they were and where they had worked previously. The farm that they had previously worked on was called Weed. Now they were heading to their new job, which was North of where Weed was, they had just enough money to catch a bus ride straight to their new job, unfortunately, when the bus driver had said...
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