Mice and Men George and Lenny

Topics: Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck Pages: 0 (587 words) Published: January 29, 2012
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Well, I could. I could go off, in the hills there. Some place I'd find a cave." Only a true loving caring friend would say these words, and in fact, it was from Lennie saying how he was willing to go live in a cave just so George could live a happier life without him. However, this is juts one example of the caring and compassion each other give to each other in "Of Mice and Men" by John Steinbeck. This adventurous novel shows how two best friends try to make a living without being run out of town. Lennie, who is a little slower, is the one, who of course doesn't know better, to get into trouble while George is there to help him get out. Sadly, Lennie gets into so much trouble that Lennie's is George's doom, which he accepts because he knows Lennie cannot live without him and because of love --- even Lennie's defected love--- is precious to him. George is the leader; he acts as if he doesn't care. In fact, when George was little he and his friends used to pick on Lennie, until one day George nearly drowned Lennie and Lennie acted as if nothing happened. On that day, George realized how mean he was to Lennie and vowed to always take care of him and be there for him when he was in trouble. In addition, George stuck to his word and has always been on Lennie's side. Another way is how George knew Lennie wanted/ needed something soft to pet, so he decided to ask Slim if Lennie could have a puppy. This action by George really showed how much he cared for Lennie, this is because all he wanted for Lennie is to be happy, and this was exactly right. Lennie loves basically anything, but for George he really cared for him. Even though his love wasn't how everyone else showed love, Lennie still cared. In fact, he was willing to go live in a cave with no food warmth or hardly any shelter just so George could go to the cathouse and live his life normal. However, George could never do that but...
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