Mice and Men, Fahrenheit 451

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  • Published : March 18, 2011
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Two books that I have read this year are Of Mice and Men and Fahrenheit 451. These two books have characters that emerge out of a state of emergency. There were many reasons that triggered these characters actions, but the main one was that they both lived in a world in which the government censored their knowledge. While Guy Montag and V both emerge in similar ways, they both have their different roles in their world that lead them to their emergence. Montag is caused by first being a part of the government and then realizing that he is the one that is censoring the world. V is a victim of the government all his life, and he can not take it any longer, he must take a stand.

Montag is a fireman that burns books. He censors the world from reading them and obtaining the knowledge held within them. He originally believes in the government and does not have a problem with his job. In fact, he enjoys what he does. He strongly believes in what the government is doing, he also believes that what they are doing is the right thing to do. He is married to his wife Mildred who fell into the plan of the government. She does exactly what the government wants its citizens to do. The government starts massive book burning so that it's citizens will only know and believe what they want them to believe. This is depriving the people of their freedom. Montag ends up creating this big plan to overthrow censorship. With the help of Faber, he wants to start publishing books again. He does not want the past to go away, he does not want the government to control their opinions and thoughts. He ends up being a fugitive from the law and falling victim to the government. His only choose now is to run away from society and wait for the civilization to collapse and build from the ashes.

V is a victim of the law all his life. He enjoys his job which is really fighting the government and trying to restore the freedoms that the government has stripped them from. He spends his life using...