Mice and Men Essay

Topics: Kill, Of Mice and Men, Left-wing politics Pages: 2 (673 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Men Who Can’t Handle The Mice

In the novel of Mice and Men, George has to make a very hard decision. Lennie and George are very good friends, and they do everything together. When Lennie accidentally kills Curley’s wife, George has to make a decision for himself and for what is best for Lennie. Lennie trusts George and does whatever he asks, which made it harder for George to take Lennie’s life without Lennie understanding why.

George is very careful and always thinks about the things he does before them. In this situation George had to help his friend by killing him to prevent him from living in a jail sell or dying slowly. Curley said that if he finds Lennie, he would shoot him in the stomach, so he would die painfully and slow. When Candy’s dog was shot he told George that he regretted letting a stranger shoot his dog and that he should have done it himself. George did the right thing by shooting Lennie, and doing it with love. Doing this is keeping his promise to Aunt Clara by taking care of him and killing him so he is now free. There really is not anything left for Lennie his dream is pretty much not going to happen so what is Lennie going to be looking forward to in this world. If George did not kill Lennie, and just let him go free and hide in the forest forever, Lennie would have

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died. Lennie could not take care of himself for that long and survive off making his own food and being alone. He would feel abandoned and not know what to do. If George had ran away with him, everyone would think that he was in on the murder and they would both be killed. Their dreams are ruined and Lennie would never really understand what he did. George would also be accused of something he did not do.

George made the right decision because there was nothing left for Lennie. The plan on buying a property is over with and Lennie would not know what to dream about or what to look forward to in the future. Lennie died happy...
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