Mice and Men Comparison Film & Book

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  • Published : April 7, 2008
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Of Mice and Men: Written Text & Film Adaptation (1939Version) Comparison

“Of Mice and Men” written by John Steinbeck has remain one of America’s most read novel. Since this story was first published many adaptations has occur from the written work a Broadway play and three acclaimed films. When comparing the novel and the film version there certainly are oblivious differences between the two. However what remains is the integrity of the contents of the written word. The film version simply is a visual presentation of the book. If the written word has depth it could stand on it’s on as in the case of “Of Mice and Men”. The film can allow the director to capture all of the themes comprised in the book to produce a quintessential film. Symbolism plays an important role in Steinbeck writing of this novel which can get lost in a film. Lucky in this film it wasn’t lost. Using the various film techniques such as cinematography, lighting, costume, and casting allowed the book to come to life. Simple cinematography was the best way to capture Steinbeck’s writing style and that was done in this film. The emotions of the characters were depicted by close-up shots of the faces. When Curly comes, the treatment of women at the time is clear, “Go back to the house.” She responds by saying “You don’t control me”, but he simply yells “Now!” and she obeys. Steinbeck proved that women were only accessories to be controlled and disposed of by men and the film depicted this quite well. The lighting in the film was also embellished to maintain the authentic emanation. The natural light was used in outdoor scenes, such as beside the river, or out in the work field. Very little light was used in the bleak, depressing situations, such as in the bunkhouse when Candy’s dog was shot. It was a metaphor for the battle of life and grim atmosphere that the workers were forced to contend with each day. It also symbolized the vicious cycle: the sun rising reaching its peak of intensity, then...
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