Miami School District Negotiation Paper

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Miami School District Negotiation Paper

By | July 2010
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Miami School District Negotiation Paper
The Miami school district has announced that in the upcoming year, school boundaries will be redrawn due to unexpected increases in enrollment. The school board has created a plan for the students as the school is not large enough to accommodate each and every one of them. They have hired experts to redraw school boundaries to be submitted for the following year. Upsetting many students as they will not be able to stay at their present school, several parents have voiced opinions based upon the school district proposed plan. Most of the parents are concerned about the quality of education their children will receive, increased travel time, crossing economic and cultural boundaries, affect on property values, and social effects on children. With the following reasons against the proposed plan, I will address all of the stakeholders and their concerns. This paper will also discuss a developed plan to address stakeholders’ concerns as well as the negotiation strategy used to support the school board’s need to redraw the boundaries with the concerns of the stakeholders. Lastly, the paper will explain how ethics and culture affect the decisions. There are many stakeholders in this situation with the students being redrawn from their current school. The students, school officials, staff, teachers, school district, and even the students’ parents are all stakeholders. The students will be affected by the redrawing as they may be going to a different school and face with different personal issues, including separation from friends. Students may be troubled with the new society, struggle meeting new friends, have difficulty understanding the new concepts and school guidelines, and carry cultural differences and education. Students may feel lack of support based on their surroundings and bring those problems home. It can be difficult meeting friends at a new school and adapting to a new culture and groups. There may situations where...

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