Miami Police Story

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  • Published : May 29, 2012
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Miami, city Florida, there a robbery at a shell gas station on beach Blvd at 10pm at night. I get a call from my sheriff department while I’m getting dressed into my uniform and ready to go to work, telling me they need me in to work as soon as possible to help find the suspects of the robbery. I’m on the way to work while I get a call on the radio with a hint of the vehicle the suspect fled the shell gas station in. They tell me it’s a navy blue truck from around the year 1996. Its dark outside the color navy is hard to find at night. Two miles down the road after I get the description I see a vehicle that matches the it, I hit the lights to pull over the vehicle next thing you know the suspect jumps out the moving vehicle while he gets a head start and runs into the woods I stop my car and chase him on foot a quarter mile later of chasing this guy I pull my taser out to shoot him when I was close enough I missed . The suspect now knows I’m not playing and I noticed him reach into his pocket, me thinking he was about to pull out a gun I pull mine out and told him to freeze or ill shoot so he dropped. I walk him back to my vehicle on handcuffs to read him his rights I see three more police officers searching the suspect vehicle the officer saw me walking up to the car and walked to me and told me great job the suspect you caught killed a person while doing the robbery at the shell gas station.
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